Sunday, March 2, 2008

फ़िर जला गया कोई |

अंधेरों भरी दुनिया में, एक सूरज दिखा गया कोई,
सपनों की महफ़िल से, आधी रात जगा गया कोई
चिंगारी भी ना बची थी, शमा भी पिघल चुकी मगर ,
जलती बुझती इस आग को, फ़िर जला गया कोई.


mehek said...

bahut hi badhiya

Nightingale* said...

hi!nice lines.
wr hv u been?

Nightingale* said...

You dont write anything about your present there any specific reason,or you have so much to reveal about ur past?

Nightingale* said...

"past sometime gives us complete story " :)
yea..very true.i liked this thought.
"everyone has two choices only...
either look back with pride or look forward with a hope"
Pankaj,cant we opt these two together..Cant we keep this pride and hope together in our eyes while we move forward in life.I think that'll b d best choice.

Hope to read something about ur present soon.

khushboo said...

"Dil k armaanon ko roshni dikha gaya koi,
phir aaj tanhaai me mujko chu gaya koi."

U have written real gud lines dear
I dont know about ur past (jaisa ki kisi ne likha hai) but it will b better ki aap us aag ko bujh jaane do.
Haan, us roshni ko nahi shirf aag ko